Samsung registered a patent for a system of augmented reality (report)

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A new report has shown for the Galaxy Club application Samsung patented system of enhanced reality again, but this time with a three-dimensional graphic of the theory.

On the non-public that the company follows in the attached chart of products that are recorded, shows the registration request system control in more detail and gives a clearer vision about it.

Where have the glasses screen display for projecting images in both the lens of her with a cable on the right side, but its purpose is not clear until the moment.

And follow the company this approach new inclusion of three-dimensional design system and augmented reality recorded, does not seem to be expressed soon in the nearest needs or even going to work as is the case with many sales the other that has recorded in advance in this regard.

Speaking of virtual reality goggles enhanced for the manufacturers including Samsung and Google did not until now detects revolutionary product is a paradigm shift in this market, where both companies had stopped in the middle of the road.

In the case of Complete Samsung the march with these glasses on her for a product that meets its ambitions may see something different in the market system of the reality, but not anytime soon.

It is noteworthy that the Samsung did not reveal new versions of the system by the virtual reality Gear VR since 2017, in a phone was their flagship Note 10 is the call which does not provide support for it.

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