Samsung registration of the trademark ” Metal 12 “ may be used in Devices Galaxy future

Galaxy S8+

Perhaps one of the features of the least famous in a series of computers, Samsung Notebook 9 2018 which was launched in December last year is the fact that they are made of a special metal called ” Metal 12“, which is mainly composed of magnesium alloy and aluminum. According to a new report released recently, it appears that Samsung has already applied for the trademark ” Metal 12 “.

Based on the deposit of the brand, it seems that Samsung hinted to the possibility of using Material ” Metal 12 ” consisting as we have said previously from the alloy of magnesium and aluminum in the Galaxy devices in the future. Could be Samsung trying to eventually cover their bases, but we wouldn’t be surprised in the event the company decided in the end to use this article in the two phones Galaxy S9 and +Galaxy S9 or in its smart phones of the future.

Because there were rumors in the past suggested that it is possible to produce the Samsung the use of magnesium in its smart phones, and that the company in fact choose this alloy in the past. It seems that submit a Samsung request for such brands adds more weight to those allegations, but as we said earlier, it is possible that Samsung is just trying to cover all bases.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that we hear from the exploration companies, the large the possibility of using other materials other than aluminum in its smart phones. There were rumors in the past about the intention of Apple to use the material Liquidmetal in its smart phones, though these rumors have yet to materialize. There was also talk about the possibility of manufacturing of smart phones from ceramic note that there are already some smartphones available in the market today are made of ceramic material.


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