Samsung released an official image of the Galaxy Watch on your website

Smart watch Galaxy Watch will be available in two sizes, as expected. This confirms the image of one of the future innovations that Samsung Electronics was accidentally published on its website more than two weeks before their official presentation.

The image shows, obviously, the older version of the case is 42 mm. This model is made in the color “rose gold” and is equipped with a Bluetooth module. An indication of the wireless communication standard may indicate the possible presence in the lineup version with LTE.

Galaxy Watch — what are they

It is believed that, in addition to the Galaxy Watch case 42 mm, Samsung needs to introduce a smaller version in 38 mm. case Compact version should first approach the users with a narrow wrist, where a large clock would look not so organic.

Release Galaxy Watch to be held on August 9, the same day as the Galaxy Note 9. According to rumors, the watch will get an overclocked processor Qualcomm Wear line, turning bezel to control the interface as well as advanced heart rate monitor with support for neural networks and the function of pressure measurement.

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