Samsung releases update to Android oreo Galaxy J3 in the UAE and Russia

In the time that people are still busy talking about the Samsung Galaxy Note9 New, the company decided to launch Android update oreo for the issuance of 2017 from her smart phone Galaxy J3.

Is available update to Android oreo Galaxy J3 currently in both Russia and the United Arab Emirates, which is the first in the Galaxy J series get Android 8.0 oreo, so hopes to launch the Samsung update the Galaxy J5 and Galaxy J7.

Comes update Android oreo Galaxy J3 issuance program J330FXXU3BRH1 Russia version J330FXWU3BRG3 Emirates, in addition to the Security Patch for the month of June 2018.

It is believed that the new update brings to the handset new features that came out for phones Galaxy A, such as upgrading the keyboard of Samsung with support for GIF images, shortcuts, advanced applications on the Home screen badges notifications, icons custom folders, the ability to hide images in the studio, etc.

And to download the new update, owners of the Samsung Galaxy J3 issuance of the 2017 open the settings and then Software Update Software update then click on download the update manually Download the updates manually.

Do you own the Samsung Galaxy J3 of the update? We shared your experience in the comments.

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