Samsung requires Apple to pay a fine for what she ordered enough displays for iPhone

According to the material of the publication ET News, Samsung is heavily annoyed by the fact that Apple does not order a sufficient number of displays for the iPhone. Now Samsung is going to impose on the fruit penalties for failure to comply with this quota on the order of products that may result for Apple financial losses in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Apple is now, of course, trying to find an alternative way out.

Samsung is the world’s largest supplier of OLED panels

Smartphone X iPhone, released in 2017, has become the first iPhone from Apple is equipped with an OLED display. Samsung is the world’s largest supplier of OLED panels, so Apple had no choice but to order these panels from Samsung. The iPhone XS and XS Max has also installed displays Samsung.

Allegedly, Apple and Samsung signed an agreement in 2017, according to which Samsung will Apple offer more favorable prices for their displays in the hope that Apple will buy a certain number of panels over the next few years.

However, due to the significant drop in iPhone sales over the past year, Apple has not fulfilled the initial quota order. In this regard, Samsung is quite logically believes that Apple needs to be fined.

In this case, in my opinion, it’s not that “greedy Samsung wants money.” Apparently, Samsung has invested millions of dollars to upgrade its us manufacturing specifically to meet the anticipated needs of Apple. Is not very fair to Samsung, if all this investment goes down the drain.

Apple offers an alternative solution, but Samsung may not agree

Apple is currently trying to renegotiate the terms of the deal, offering to buy more panels Samsung for its other products, such as laptops and tablets. If cupertinos succeed, Apple fans in the near future are waiting for the iPad or MacBook Pro with OLED screens. However, Samsung might disagree and claim the money.

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