Samsung requires suppliers more ToF sensors for its smartphones

ToF camera (Time of Flight – time of flight eng.) or time-of-flight camera is slowly gaining momentum in the mobile industry. Now almost all manufacturers use this technology, setting the ToF sensor in the neighborhood with other cameras in some of their smartphones.

ToF sensor you could already see in devices like the LG ThinQ G8, Huawei Mate 20, 20 Pro Mate, Honor View20, and Huawei P30 and P30 Pro. Technology Vivo TOF 3D Sensing, which was introduced last year, as the name implies, also uses the sensor. Of course, Samsung being one of the largest manufacturers of smartphones in the world, too, could not stay away and has long been in full trial run of a promising technology.

Samsung has invested 13 million won for the construction of a new plant for the manufacture of ToF

As it became known today, the South Korean tech giant bolsters its supply chain with supplier MCNEX. Because of the requirements of MCNEX Samsung will expand the business by opening a new factory in Vietnam. To produce much more ToF sensors, Samsung has invested about 13 billion won in the new plant, whose construction will be completed in late July.

Mass production may begin in August or September, and then the company will be able to deliver the orders to Samsung and other manufacturers who might want ToF-module. This means that future smartphones from different manufacturers will include Time of Flight.

In General, the ToF camera is a special sensor that can emit light and record the speed of its reflection from the object. Knowing the time, it is based on the speed of light (and it is stable in air is about 300 thousand km/s) is able to calculate the exact distance to the object, like a laser rangefinder. Using this sensor, Samsung has developed a technology of 3D scanning that can read the spatial information, recognizing the depth and movement of objects.

Samsung has set the ToF in the Galaxy S10 5G to use it in functions that work with augmented reality (AR). The module used there was derived Partron. However, the module, Time of Flight, which reportedly will also feature in the anticipated Galaxy Note 10, MCNEX will be delivered. Also, according to the rumors, the ToF in the near future going to install as a companion selfie cameras.

For ToF-sensors, the future of mobile cameras

All those news tell us that ToF will definitely be the next big step towards mobile cameras. New technology just starting to gain momentum, but LG, Apple and some other smarthotel have focused their efforts on the implementation and promotion of the trend function.

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