Samsung reveal 3 headphones AKG insulating noise

This theme Samsung reveal 3 headphones AKG insulating noise appeared on Engadget.

Samsung revealed the latest versions of the headphones AKG buffer noise, where the headphones N700NC, the Y500, Y100 at a starting price of around $ 100.


Back headphones AKG Samsung appear again after the first launch to the heavens through 2017 with the Samsung Galaxy S8, where the three versions of the new N700NC, the Y500, Y100 with a key to isolate the noise.

Headset N700NC

Is version Samsung possible of headphones, AKG in ear, which act to cancel the ambient noise, it also features headphone N700NC of the Samsung higher-quality audio with a battery that supports a user up to 20 hours.

Until now I didn’t reveal the Samsung information and details more about the sky, but the Korean giant confirmed that the audio experience distinctive and a leader for this version.

It also comes Noise Cancellation technology in the headset N700NC to support the user in control to enter or isolate the noise more accurately, due to the new technique according to the noise surrounding the user.

There is also a technique to Talk Thru in the sky that works to purify the sound of when you receive calls in open spaces, and is working to reduce the extent of the Echo in the sky.

samsung-AKG headphones

Headset Y500 وY100

Offer Samsung headset Y500 design on the ear, where it supports user battery life up to 33 hours playback, also supports the heavens conjugations more than a device at the same time.

Can for Y500 to stop the media temporarily when removed from the head in the case of receiving a call on the phone, for example, media playback automatically from the new when you put the headphones.

The second version of the Samsung comes in the headset Y100 a headset wireless, which definitely target the user a lot of development, how come these headphones also feature fast charging, with adaptation to local conditions for noise removal.

In the meantime expect to hear a AKG Y500 at a price of $ 150, while the earphone come Y100 is priced at $ 100 approximately, also scheduled to hear a N700NC later this year priced at $ 350 approximately.


This theme Samsung reveal 3 headphones AKG insulating noise appeared on Engadget.

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