Samsung reveal curved screen new size 27 inch designed specifically for gamers


Are you people who think that the screens are curved and provide a game experience better than the flat screen regular? Well, if you are, you might be interested to know that Samsung has the recent removal of the official curtain on a curved screen new Samsung CRG5 and features a 27-inch display with a flag that has been specially designed for gamers, according to the company.

This is thanks to the use of technology synchronization Nvidia G-Sync technology which means that when you connect them with the graphics card from Nvidia, it will help the screen to sync the photo frames to help in providing the experience of watching the series without a shadow or torn picture. Use screen also the refresh rate adult 240Hz is the refresh rate which is considered much higher than the refresh rate on most monitors available in the market today.

The only negative thing in this screen is that its accuracy is not related to the FullHD. In this day and in this age where 4K is the standard, it is disappointing to see this screen come strictly FullHD, especially IT screen waves the players. However, the use of the accuracy of the FullHD instead of the 4K would help in keeping the price of this screen is quite low.

According to the deputy head of the Department screens at Samsung, Mr. Seog-gi Kim, he has stated by saying : ” Samsung offers a game experience to the next level with curved screens are innovative using the latest techniques graphics to cover players like never before. We combine the update rate adult 240Hz technology support-Sync Nvidia G-Sync in screen games curved new Samsung CRG5, which gives players advanced performance in the most powerful gaming graphics “.


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