Samsung reveal details of TVs for the year 2019

Samsung presents through the year 2019 a large range of TVs that vary in sizes and the level of pricing, as it prepares to launch 28 new version of TVs QLED to the markets.

Samsung 4K TV -Q90

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Use Samsung to launch several versions of TVs possible size of 43 inches and even a 98-inch with the support of the quality of the presentation of 4K and 8K also, which has not been disclosed in the events of CES this year, but it is now available for pre-booking.

Come devices 8K this year of the Samsung Series Q900R but with a larger size in the screen versions of 2018, where all of the 4K Q90, Q80, and وQ70 to the side of the Q60, is that the devices are available Q90 screen sizes of 65, 75, and 82-inch, where these versions with improvements in the management of the lighting device background of the company with the higher contrast in colors, the display of the best in the corners of the screen.

Also available are devices Q80 with sizes of 55, 65, 75 to the side of the 82-inch screen, it also comes these versions of the report show the characteristic wide-angle that also offer in Q90s, but it won’t stop in the chain of devices Q70, while all come from the devices Q90, the وQ80 to the side of the Q70 with the advantage of backlight with dimming topical.

Come Points opacity localized in a series Q80 وQ70 by less than 480 that come in a series Q90s, also come a series Q80s this year according to statements made by Samsung with a score blackout Local 240, while devices Q8s number of points blackout almost 40 over the past year, also come a series Q70s points blackout 120, also offer Samsung Series TVs Q70s sizes of 49, 55, and 65, and also 75 and 82 inch.

Also come versions of Samsung TVs and QLED for the year 2019 in a series Q60s which will be available in 6 sizes ranging from 43 to 82-inch, which features versions of this year’s lighting dialogue as an alternative to indirect lighting, and is expected to come to these versions with the level of pricing is high, due to these screens with a processor Quantum in 4K, with the sample rate in the image-processing engine which is designed to support devices 8K of improvements in the details more accurate, and less noise with the quality of the display is higher in the edges of the screen.

On the other hand come Samsung smart devices this year with Apple iTunes built-in screen, support for movies and TV shows along with support for AirPlay 2, along with a smooth experience in searching and viewing content, with intelligent interface, more efficient user support, with improvements in the Universal Guide.

Also scheduled to support the devices control by voice commands, through the Assistant Amazon’s Alexa, the Assistant Google default, to the side of the assistant Bixby, which comes with improvements in the user experience.

Screen QLED provided by Samsung for the year 2019, and also come the benefits to users of the players in particular, with the technology of AMD Radeon Freesync, the pattern of automatic support of the games where working on the conversion settings of the TV to view the lowest delay rate in the width of the tire.

Also offering these versions distinctive technique of artificial intelligence in phonics to support the highest accuracy in the synchronization of audio with the acoustics, how come all versions of the 2019 devices QLED style Ambient Display support distinctive natural with perfect lighting in the images appear on the screen when not in use to be a distinctive part fits with the decor of a modern home.

One of the most important features of TVs of Samsung for the year 2019, in support of Dolby Vision, with the support HDR10+, also come versions of 2019 devices QLED with a new design tyres according to statements made by Samsung.

Recall that Samsung will also have some versions of the LED devices through 2019, comes from devices RU8000 which will be available in size of 49, 55, 65 along with 75 and also 82-inch, and RU7300s which will be available in size of 55 and 65 inches, and also RU7100s that will be available to her, the 49, 55, 58, 65 coupled with 75-inch.


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