Samsung reveal the error for the entire organs of the wearable on its application

سامسونج تكشف بالخطأ عن كامل أجهزتها القابلة للارتداء على تطبيقها

Ahead of the conference Samsung in the Congress of the global handset next week, which will be announced about the Galaxy S10 and some other devices, especially wearable, but it seems that Samsung did not wait until the deadline and revealed details of the plan to its devices wearable by mistake on their application.

Owns a Samsung app called Galaxy Wearable Devices are mentioned, which was formerly known as Samsung Gear, and have got the app on the new update brought a picture for an hour coming from the company on behalf of the Galaxy Watch Active, Smart Bracelet as the Galaxy Fit and the other on behalf of the Fit e, next to the headphones wireless as the Galaxy Buds.

As we know through leaks, the company will launch its 3 series of phones S10, as it will launch smart watches next to the headphone Galaxy Buds updated version of the headset, its wireless, is now sure to launch the company’s next smart bracelet.

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