Samsung reveal the image of H by the new Galaxy Watch the error

سامسونج تكشف عن صورة ساعتها الجديدة Galaxy Watch بالخطأ

As is well known to follow technical news and Samsung that hours New as the Galaxy Watch will be launched in the Conference on detection of Galaxy Note 9, where the company hopes to change the brand for their Gear S to the Galaxy Watch after 4 years from the launch of the first hours.

But, before the disclosure of the former officially, appeared the image of the previous $ 42 mm on the location of the company American within the product suggestions on the App Store, according to CNet. Featured previous in pink gold, and wrote upon it supports Bluetooth.

While not showing the price or even any information individually in a special page of the product, but the picture most of the details actually appeared in the suggestions. In fact, the back of the previous classically beautiful, maybe to attract more attention during the coming period.

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