Samsung reveal the price of the materials put Galaxy A8 star

After a series of leaks and Convention location Amazon India a few days ago, Samsung unveiled the price and the launch of the Galaxy A8 star as the official product on Amazon India where it will remain phone.

Coming A8 the guise of the police’s infinite measuring 6.3-inch and accuracy of + / FHD, and deal with emerging Snapdragon 660 with 6 gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of storage capacity.

Rear Camera Dual status vertical accuracy 16+24 maps, called the Samsung “IntelliCam” where will close automatically from camera settings to suit the lighting conditions, while the front-facing camera 24 maps with features like beautiful smart posters and augmented reality.

Other advantages of the A8 star intuitive including reader insight to the plan, to identify two-dimensional on the face, the payment service of Samsung is using NFC, battery 3700 mAh, running Android oreo from the box, support voice assistant Baker.

Will begin to provide A8 star in India first at a price of 34,990 rupees (2,353 SR) beginning from 27 August.

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