Samsung revealed the details of the water cooling bnwt 9

There was plenty of talk about the Cooling System Phone Galaxy Note 9 prior to its launch period, so Samsung has launched a phone and the name of the “cooling hydro-carbon” on the system, what attracted everyone’s attention, so he started many times my phones dismantling Note 9 later in order to know the components of the system cooled down, before everyone starts to agree later on a system of cooling water already, but without any presence of carbon.

It seems that Samsung noticed increased attempts to battle the components of the system cooled recently, so she bought the cooling system Note 9 today on its website using the illustrations simple.

There's no glowing red arrow pointing at the carbon part, but it's obvious enough

In relation to the water of the cooling system, it works on the exploitation of the water vapor resulting from the heat of the Processor, where moving the steam across the tube a porous copper to turn into water in the end after the low temperature water vapor is sufficient.

As for the carbon fraction, it is as a fact heat the top of the Processor directly, which helps to transfer the heat to the heat sink need so that the carbon fiber more connection to the heat 9 times that of silicon, and why is carbon is the material of choice for this.

This is given the Processor size and thickness of a carbon layer, it’s easy not to see anyone easily, but if you know how it looks, you will be able to immediately noticeable.

Source: Samsung

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