Samsung review the design of the Galaxy Fold in a new promotional video

Posted Samsung latest a video clip recreation for its folding Galaxy Fold, where he reveals the details of the design of the phone more clearly.

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Before the official announcement of the Huawei rollaway Mate X posted Samsung promotional video silent reviews the design and features of the phone by folding.

It offers the video clip opening mechanism phone power by means of spacers that allows to open and close the phone without damage to the network, with possible city shipping PowerShare that allows the shipment of Samsung’s smartwatch Galaxy Watch Active phone wirelessly.

Also it detects the video feature to receive notifications on the phone screen, as the video displays feature adjust and customize the phone cover to trade, the user’s favorite, also reviewed the Samsung features camera in Galaxy Fold, the characteristics of the imaging camera selfie external, as shown in the video clip advantage camera photography tri with lenses possible wide-angle وtele, which is certainly a lot of features in a Samsung phone that connects to the price of 1980 dollars.


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