Samsung says OLED screens own frequency of 90Hz is better than LCD at 120Hz

It’s no secret that smart phone manufacturers are focusing heavily at present on the provision of their phone frequencies are high for the company and is the latest “trend” in the world of smartphones and most important at the current time for many.

From its part, Samsung has provided phones Galaxy S20 with screens at 120Hz, but the tea sector of the same company had launched a screen with a frequency of 90Hz-type Olid has stated the company then this screen although it hesitantly 90Hz lost but it’s better than LCD at 120Hz!

Support Samsung its position by stating that the screen itself is improved in order to operate more quickly and smoothly the bigger LCD higher frequency! Here I mention the SGS screens Olid with a frequency of 90Hz provided certain standards overtake them on the LCD at frequencies of 120Hz.

Source: Gizmochina

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