Samsung says that clients should stop ” like experience pop ” when you buy the Galaxy Fold


In an interview with website The Verge conference Mobile World MWC 2019 currently held in Barcelona, Spain, hung the Samsung on what customers can expect when buying a Galaxy Fold. Initially, the company explained that they tried different designs, but decided in the end that you have to fold the screen inward to protect the screen unlike phone Huawei Mate X which is folded towards the outside.

Samsung revealed it will launch another in the month of April next, but it won’t be the size of the conferences of the Samsung Unpacked, but it will officially launch the Galaxy Fold so that it will be available for purchase officially as of 26 April at a starting price of 1980 dollars.

With this price, darn it!, I won’t say Samsung is targeting the mass market, but instead will target a specific category of customers. In fact, said city services and strategies of the business in the branch of the company Samsung in the United Kingdom, Mrs. Kate Beaumont said : ” This is a very good, and we want to make sure that he has a service experience of similar service, so it won’t be displayed in all stores “.

Is likely that the company Samsung introduced this phone on sale at a retailer selected, so that means he won’t be available to trade in some stores the actual like Best Buy in the United States of America, at least, that’s what has been confirmed by Mrs. Kate Beaumont when she said : ” You won’t see it in the table display, we want to make sure you get your very personal experience. There will be care very highly with that too. “

When asked why Samsung released a phone with a foldable today at the price of 1980 dollars, the Kate Beaumont that this industry has become ” dilapidated due to lack of innovation on Level Design“, believes that within the next few years, there will be asking why you want a collapsible. And it doesn’t have the invention of this design for nothing, and many people end smart phones folding as a useful tool.

Wonder how will the process of buying the Galaxy Fold. We hope to explain Samsung How will the procurement process to the media or any person interested in buying the phone. And even if it were, the journalists, the journalists have not yet got a chance to experience the Galaxy Fold, so the phone is still vague in its current state.

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