Samsung says they can create phones folding design unruly, but they don’t see the benefits of so even now

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Given that Samsung made yesterday the announcement of her smart phone the second folding which carries the name Galaxy Z Flip, it has become clear that the South Korean company is geared towards the increasing adoption of smart phones folding in the future. Shortly after the official announcement of the phone Galaxy, Z flip, said head of mobile devices at Samsung, Mr. Roh Tae-moon that the technology is ready to launch the phone can be folded in more than one place. After all, it was a Samsung deal with this idea a while ago.

Can now buy Samsung create folding screens in more than one place currently. However, smart phones are collapsible the current can be folded in only one place, but Samsung’s technology to allow the company to produce a phone with several joints and folds both directions. It may be so the treatment technology Ultra Thin Glass New used Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, but Mr. Roh Tae-moon did not mention anything about it.

However, says head of mobile devices at Samsung that the real obstacle to the designs of non-regular folding is how to better use the system, services and applications of those designs. At the moment, there aren’t a lot of apps and services optimized for phones collapsible unique, so don’t want Samsung in the creation of devices folding with designs of wild. You must be the system as a whole which include design, technology and operating system applications and services, ready before the launch of this phone.

On the other hand, revealed to us by Mr. Roh Tae-moon about some interesting factoid about the two phones Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip like the fact that the first phone took about 7 years to be developed, while the completion of the second phone in just three years. Will the development period in the allocation under the technology matures.


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