Samsung smartphones can be found offline like iPhone

Despite the fact that iPhones hit the market earlier than any other Android smartphone, users of devices based on the OS from Google have always made fun of their opponents. Their genuine amusement was caused by what they said was a stable lack of iOS features. After all, when an expensive phone does not know how to record video, like the iPhone 3G, this is a reason, if not for laughter, then at least for sincere surprise. But – I really don't know how it happened – all the most useful functions, for some reason, always appeared first on the iPhone, and then they were successfully copied by the manufacturers of Android smartphones.

Direction finding

Finding lost Samsung devices made easy

Samsung будет обновлять по три года даже бюджетные смартфоны на Android

Samsung intends to expand the search capabilities of the Find My Mobile tool, which allows you to track the location of a lost smartphone, eliminating the need for an Internet connection. After all, if earlier, in order to find the device, it was necessary to establish a connection with it via the Network, now this will not be necessary. The Koreans studied Apple's experience and the peculiarities of the Locator tool, which works without an Internet connection, and decided to implement something similar at home.

Find a Samsung phone without a SIM card

Find lost devices offline

Samsung devices can now be searched even without an internet connection

The updated Find My Mobile tool will work on a crowdfunding model. That is, the smartphone will determine its location based on information from other Samsung smartphones, establishing a Bluetooth connection with them. Thus, the lost device will be able to transmit information about its location to the device of a passing user, who, in turn, will send it to the owner of the loss. It is very convenient, considering that often those who find a lost smartphone immediately remove the SIM-card from it so that they will not find it.

Какие смартфоны и планшеты Samsung будут получать обновления дольше всех

Samsung has almost completely copied Apple's search model, applying exactly the same algorithms for protecting lost devices. Thanks to this, Galaxy smartphones, which receive a Bluetooth signal, securely encrypt it and transmit it to the owner of the loss. At the same time, the owners of devices acting as a signal transmitter can neither see where the lost gadget is, nor even learn about the fact of its use as a repeater. The whole process takes place in a passive mode. And since the connection is established via Bluetooth Low Energy, then the energy is spent on this very little.

Is it possible to find a phone without the Internet


Samsung still has to work and work to achieve the same result in finding missing devices as Apple

But this is not the only innovation of the updated Find My Mobile. Samsung developers also trained a search tool to determine the location of tablets, smart watches, wireless headphones and other Bluetooth accessories. True, the search will be possible only if the smartphone from which the search is performed was the last device to which the gadgets were connected. If this condition is met, it will be possible to find the accessory even if the connection has already been broken.

У флагманов Samsung явные проблемы с камерами , но она знает, что делать

However, Koreans are still very far from Apple. Despite the fact that they implemented the so-called offline search using the crowdfunding model, they failed to implement the search for discharged Samsung devices. Meanwhile, the iPhone and MacBook have been offering this feature since last year. Apple developers were able to make their devices keep a small percentage of charge in case of loss. Thanks to this, there is enough energy for them to be able to broadcast a Bluetooth signal for a whole month from the moment of complete discharge.

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