Samsung smartphones in Russia can now be used as payment terminals

Contactless payment is no surprise. Despite the fact that bring to mind the technology is only able to Apple, millions of people gladly pay for purchases using their Android smartphones. Just need to add a credit card into a special application and then simply bring the device to the terminal at the store checkout. For some reason, few people wondered why contactless payments are only one way, because it would be convenient to be able to accept payments from a smartphone, attaching a plastic card. But it can be so.

Samsung Pay can not only pay, but also to accept payments. However, not all

Samsung has launched the technology in Russia SoftPOS, which allows smartphones to accept payments from plastic cards or other devices with NFC support. The key feature of the technology is that it turns a smartphone into a full-fledged online cash. That is, the user can add prices, discounts, and to report to the IRS. SoftPOS itself conveys all information about made payments in FNS by connecting to the cloud in accordance with the requirements of the 54-FZ.

How to pay on a smartphone

To turn a smartphone into a terminal easy. The main thing — to convince people to believe in it

Extensive opportunities SoftPOS be able to abandon the terminal, which will be very opportunely, for example, couriers, vendors ‘ corners in shopping malls and establishments of street-food. Thanks SoftPOS you no longer have to ask the seller of a stall with Shawarma, is it possible to transfer money on Bank of America phone number. Because now he can easily turn your Samsung smartphone into a payment terminal. With it, you can even make cash and to issue electronic receipts.

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However, such advancement also carries limitations. Due to the fact that the functioning of payment terminals in Russia is regulated on the legislative level, the average user will not be able to accept money from a friend with a smart phone. SoftPOS is intended primarily for entrepreneurs and to facilitate their work, because they will not have to fly or take the terminal to the rental, as is usually done small businesses, and just use the smartphone.

How safe mobile payments

Despite the fact that SoftPOS, according to Samsung, is protected by the latest technology and is not susceptible to hacking or interception of the transaction, in practice the introduction of smartphone terminals may encounter certain problems. I think the sellers or couriers will be hard to convince buyers to enter the pin code from your card in another smartphone. In the end, where is the guarantee that the person in front of you — not a crook, and in his hand is not a tool for cloning of cards?

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Perhaps, with time this fear will pass. The younger generation, accustomed to make purchases from smartphones, so for sure. Importantly, Samsung itself has started to carry out some campaign to promote the new payment method. On the other hand, where is the guarantee that under the guise of mobile-terminal somebody and not really slipped tool for cloning? So, I suppose, be an adequate substitute Kassam SoftPOS in the near future just not meant to be.

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