Samsung solved the bump iPhone X, but Apple also ready

When it comes to comprehensive design of the hardware and evaluation of new invention, no doubt that this is possible to happen or make mistakes must be overlook some things to save other things key more useful, for example, in the case of iPhone X Apple has changed the overall in the phone to put the imprint of the face, remove the button home, and the design of the screen that covers the facade of the entire phone, except that the extrusion that contains all the sensor and fingerprint face and the camera prevents to achieve it.

سامسونج تحل نتوء آي-فون X لكن أبل تخطط لحل أقوى

This format was replace the disapproval of many. However, the mission count on this figure, but they put the perception of Apple devices that all over the net. Tried the developers strive to the amendment to their apps so that they check this extrusion and maintain the shape of the application and consistency at the same time. It is clear that the extrusion will still be present to a generation or two to come.

Samsung is planning to

Not only Apple wants to become the reality of the whole screen. Even Samsung about the S8 and Nokia 8 for the same design but without the protrusions where at the top there is a separate part of the camera and the sensors. But it seems that Samsung want to the next step where a newly published patent for the design alternative will eliminate this extrusion of the Faculty.

Detect the position of LetsGoDigital days ago about a patent filed by Samsung is a Screen Type OLED with holes for Camera, sensors, headsets, interior and other components. This course will screen but the edges in the true sense without this extrusion flowing from the top of the phone screen as in the iPhone X. This is undoubtedly very good for audio and video acts also instead of wrapping around that portion of the top of the screen. Moreover, Samsung developed the option of downsizing to avoid those holes, like exactly what happened with the iPhone X. and the fact that the invention is applicable for solving practical kind for those who hate this extrusion.

Patented Apple: screen from edge to edge without a bump

Of course it’s not Samsung alone who owns researchers, scientists, and so published a patent from Apple similar to those made by Samsung and it and more advanced. In January 2017 I got Apple patented a screen with very small holes, barely discernible to the naked eye the bottom of all the sensors and cameras located in the extrusion present in the iPhone X. in this way the invention works Apple to make the screen edge-to-edge in the true sense of the word. So that is the assignment of a screen with sensors or put them in places where inactive of the screen, and on the face of the challenges put front camera, headphones ear without any hindrance to the user.

Suggests Apple patented further development of sensors and other components behind a series of holes in OLED screen and cover is that why the holes with transparent materials.

According to the document forming these small holes between the pixels that is characteristic of the OLED screen that rely on the extra pixels, unlike LCD screens that need additional background can be found on this article. The difference between LCD and OLED

The bottom line

I tried some of the companies provide the phone a full to barriers such as the camera, and the still flowing from the top of the screen. It’s not easy and there are detailed analyses of many about the possibility of the application of such technology, the company mentioned the presence of many obstacles. I think with the rapid technological advances especially in nanotechnology it might be possible. As for the time out this technology to work so we can fix the time because that takes years.

Is bothering you bump the iPhone X? Whichever stop that up for the first Apple or Samsung? Tell us in the comments.


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