Samsung started really working on the update Android 9 Pie phones +Galaxy S8/S8, Galaxy Note 8

Galaxy Note 8

When Samsung announced the interface, One new UI during its annual conference for developers SDC 2018, many wondered about the phones that will get this new interface. Thus, we are pleased now to hear that the new interface will be released to the Galaxy Note 8, and at least according to a report from the team of developers in South Korea.

It is reported that the developers at Samsung South Korea are working on a new update for the phone Galaxy Note 8 holds a brown number N950FXXU5DRK4, and include numbers and letters the last four to the version of the operating system of Android. Ends build number of the operating system present in the phone Galaxy Note 8 with CRxx, given that the letter C is indicative of Android’s Oreo, it is logical to refer the letter D to the system Android 9 Pie.

There’s always the possibility to have this just update the branch brings with it some new features and still is based on the Android system Oreo, but for the fact that it was the phone version Galaxy Note 8 just last year, he is qualified without a doubt to get the interface One new UI with system Android 9 Pie.

Regardless of the phone Galaxy Note 8, it has appeared a tweet of another of the warrior of the famous Chinese Ice Universe says that the update Android 9 Pie phone Galaxy S8 and +Galaxy S8 may in turn entered the development stage note that the Ice Universe got this information directly from a senior official at Samsung.

Don’t hold your breath, because it is not planned to get Galaxy S9 and +Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9 on update Android 9 Pie until the month of January next year, we believe that the Note phones Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8 and +Galaxy S8 will have to wait a little longer before getting the same update.



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