Samsung starts mass production of memory 12Gb LPPDR5 DRAM ahead of the launch of the Galaxy Note 10


Samsung announced today about the start of mass production of the latest Ram LPDDR5 for mobile devices, amounting to a capacity of 12Gb, which is Ram that is improved for features artificial intelligence technology 5G in smart phones of the future, including the Galaxy Note 10 coming in early next month. It should be noted that the Ram of the new Samsung LPDDR5 12Gb entered the mass production stage after the passage of less than six months to enter the memory random Samsung LPDDR4X 12Gb mass production. The rate of data transmission of $ 5500 megabits per second, the memory LPDDR5 random think 30% faster than its predecessor.

Revealed the deputy head of Department memos. random technology, semiconductor business, Samsung, Mr. Jung-bae Lee that the memory random LPDDR5 based on the new second-generation 10-nanometer manufacturing process. Moreover, it was further explained that the memory random new portable devices support video recording high-precision machine learning, with lengthen the battery life considerably.

You Samsung to memory random LPDDR5 new with a capacity of 12Gb capable of data transfer size of 44 GB per second when it is the conversion of memory to pack 12GB. Used the new chip less power by up to 30 percent by integrating new design electronic circuits with enhanced surveillance.

On request, you may save Samsung’s production to its second factory in Pyeongtaek, once its construction in the next year. The longer the South Korean company also launched the memory of the LPDDR5 new random with a capacity of 16Gb to enhance their competitiveness in the market memory at the global level.


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