Samsung stop manufacturing Blu-ray players

Usual to know the major tech companies of its various organs – several smart-phones – CES to prove to the world that she’s still interested in these devices continues to put on the market, but Samsung has not provided any DVD discs Bluray new in the supply of finance, it is not strange permit the company they have stopped making these devices and put it in the American market.

I didn’t reveal the Samsung about the real reason behind this as it has merely to renounce the new models was expected to launch later this year, although they may continue to manufacture the models currently available in the markets for the future.

Sales reached discs Blu-ray, overall to 2.3 million tablets sold in the U.S. market during the first nine months of last year, and this includes not only movies and even games.

In return provide the broadcasting services via the internet such as the councils, which has 148 million subscribers, preferably the user typically subscribe to this services to get movies instead of buying the pills, though differing quality.

Taught Samsung well that the future of Blu-ray discs, not clear after Don’t risk and invest more funds to develop new triggers that will compete on a tight market already.

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