Samsung support versions hours by the former smart features Galaxy Watch Active

سامسونج تدعم إصدارات ساعاتها الذكية السابقة بميزات Galaxy Watch Active

The Samsung is sending the latest software updates available at her watch Galaxy Watch the Active list of their smart, to now all of the Galaxy Watch Gear S3 Gear Sport a number of features and improvements to your hours Active, which include actually One of the UI and characteristics of the track safety and health.

And give the new updates a sense of more vital on these watches as they make it more compatible with phones Galaxy last without the need of the user to replace the H for this purpose, as they provide more control over the settings through the touch screen in the arena with bring the challenge modes available in the latest version and backgrounds also.

Or for features health out my most recent update in easier to track athletic activity of the user via the application Samsung Health through the coast itself; and which became the activity tracking during the race, and also provide some special features to track sleep in addition to provide alerts at a rate of heart beat on a similar model for Apple.

The company also promised that this update will have a positive impact on the age of the arena, where Siegel enable more time on single charge maintains battery life.

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