Samsung supports the production line the Internet of things to the interests of the intelligent and wireless camera

سامسونج تدعم خط إنتاج إنترنت الأشياء بمصباح ذكي وقابس لاسلكي وكاميرا

Samsung launched three smart tools new from the production line (SmartThings), a platform Internet of things to strengthen the chain it compatible with the aid of different home camera and scrambled wireless as well as interest clever.

These products come three new in accordance with the approach of Samsung to in free tools, smart home and aid sound, given the market from rising significantly and patch users who rely on these products in their daily lives.

Where Will tools Samsung Smart the new as a simple experience for beginners in the field of acquisition of smart home products, all the camera plug, Wireless can work through the special dispenser system the Internet of things or without.

While the lamp is depends on the system networking zigbee 3.0 is based on distributed Internet of things fundamentally.

In the time that you can operate products Samsung three in conjunction with the assistance of different sound include Amazon’s Alexa ranking assistant Google as is the case with the Assistant Samsung voice Bixby.

The camera (SmartThings Cam)

The camera is generally considered desirable products in large users metal part of the smart home, and for camera Samsung they provide video recording accurately HD provides a field of view wide 145 degree, it is also equipped with night vision and sound system, double and identification of the user.

Comes with a storage cloud backup with a capacity of 24 hours for a maximum of 4 cameras without any costs added to the base price, with an option for a subscription backup per month at a cost of 8$ annual cost of$ 80 to a maximum of eight cameras.

Web price Samsung smart camera $ 90.

Next wireless smartphone (Wifi Smart Plug)

Plug Lasker is similar to the instance of it from Amazon but it is smaller and provides two ports at the same time, and works in conjunction with Amazon’s Alexa ranking assistant Google also shows its price of$ 18 less than the price of competitors and efficient similar.

Interest Smart (Smart Bulb)

Intelligent lamp design simple type strongly LED 9 watts and provides a flow of light strongly 806 lumens, the color white can be customised to make the lit up dimmed as desired by the user but it does not provides a mixture of other colors as is the case with those of his competitors, in the price of 10$.

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