Samsung tab brand new hint to the possibility of camera phones Galaxy S9 on improvements

Samsung has submitted a request to protect a brand new premium with the words “The camera. Reimagined”, which may be used to refer to the improvements in camera phones and Galaxy S9.

After the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 in early 2017 and superiority in the field of photography, it was clear that the camera including has relied heavily on the camera the Galaxy S7, which was very good in this area, however, we enter 2018 means that the camera need to improve and develop, and it was time to make Samsung such a logical step within the phone its upcoming flagship Galaxy S9.

It seems that this might push the South Korean company to apply the protection of the new brand, which seems as clearly connected to improvements the next camera phones Galaxy S9.

Brand new bearing the words “The Camera. Reimagined,” the description submitted with the application does not differ in any way from the meaning of the phrase, along with the order included a long list of all kinds of devices that can use the brand within them, including smart phones.

However, the brand may seem ad hoc at the moment for Galaxy S9, taking into account that Samsung is trying to develop export potential through the treatment of new revealed by the Exynos 9810, which includes the image signal processor Duo, which allows you to handle four cameras at one time.

It is likely that trending Samsung to use the new brand in promotional materials for Galaxy S9 to think clearly about the improvements you might get cameras devices.

Recall that the leaks point to owning a phone Galaxy S9 camera background one, with the possibility of owning it Camera Dual front, such as found within the Galaxy A8 version 2018, while the Galaxy S9 Plus rear camera Double.


Source: Samsung tab brand new hint to the possibility of camera phones Galaxy S9 on improvements

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