Samsung take my phone in the list of September

If you’re the owner of my phones Samsung leading Galaxy Note 5 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus we carry you experience a unpleasant, has announced the company Samsung Korean renounced its support for those devices, which leads to not getting any security updates monthly to your phone.

The list of phones announced by Samsung for the month of September get rid of the two phones are the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus but this is not considered a surprise largely has left the company already on the phone, the other two belong to the same class and the same period of time almost two both a 6 regular and Spanish 6 edge-this was several months ago and specifically in the month of March last.

And out of those phones from the list of non-arrival security updates periodically phones listed but it is possible to reach them some updates pneumatically at irregular intervals, according to the policy Samsung followed the phones, get support from development team to the company for a period of two years from the date of the announcement of the company on the phone, but the company is applying some of the investment with its phones the leading from the Note series and Spanish which up technical support and security in phones that power to three years.

To understand the idea of updates secure you should look to the source that updates a company Google’s American royal for the operating system most widely used high aneed, the Which you a month to send a set of security vulnerabilities that have been discovered and resolved in operating system to its partners of companies such as Samsung and LG share and Huawei and others to assess those companies disable those updates and make them compatible with its devices supported and sent pneumatically to the phone company, and this is periodically supposed to, but with the increasing number of phones dramatically for every company it becomes difficult or impossible to get all the phones on this support so each company defines the period of support for her phones from the date of issuance and the company is committed to its customers to provide full support for phones either security or even a technical update for some software system Which appeared faulty or even add new properties.

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