Samsung technology brings HDR10+ to TV’s strictly 8K

Samsung says that the technology HDR10+ that gives the user experience will be present on TV, its codes with a resolution of 8K soon.

سامسونج تجلب تقنية HDR10+ إلى التلفزيونات بدقة 8KSamsung technology brings HDR10+ to TV’s strictly 8K

Announced that the Korean company, Samsung, to TV its that offers a resolution of 8K will be enhanced with technology HDR10+ which gives a better viewing experience through the dimensions of the image and the depth of their colors and broad that they provide, although there is no true professional Strictly 8K so far with that display televisions that support the technology provides to users during the last two years.

Is considered technique HDR10+ innovation, Samsung has already provided its flagship smartphones to enrich the way users view and display the content.

So, having a technical on TV will be limited to the company itself or its partners, such as Hisense and Panasonic provided support Dolby Vision.

The company was the main competition in the market, LG, has introduced the HDR on the screens of the 8K, but Samsung is the latest so far, as it provides the exchange the more depth the watch of the previous.

To provide suitable content for these TVs, Samsung has signed a partnership with a number of broadcast services and companies in Europe; such as The Explorers, the Megogo, and Chili to provide the content with 8K users of these TVs next to provide their content knowledge in 4K.

On the whole, provide the HDR10+ or not, remains the ultimate goal for most people get their TV strictly 8K before looking for additional.



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