Samsung The Wall, it is the first TV in the Samsung is based on technology MicroLED, comes size 146 inches


Samsung today at CES CES 2018, currently held in Las Vegas, USA slide the curtain officially on the new TV carries the name of Samsung The Wall. As the name suggests, the new TV from Samsung comes size 146 inches as it is the first TV in the world is based on technology MicroLED, and while it is a massive TV, the technology is domesticated in this TV make it interesting.

You probably heard about the screens MicroLED as a possible alternative in the future for OLED on smartphones and other devices. It should be noted that the technology MicroLED provides for each pixel its own light so they provide the level of black is perfect with the knowledge that they don’t need a backlight like LCD screens. Moreover, they provide levels of very advanced when it comes to travel, and greater efficiency in power consumption compared to OLED screens the current.

Samsung used LED lights LED micrometer to build a TV Samsung The Wall, this means the value is much smaller than is currently available. These small points of light form this TV is huge, but the design is modular so you can buy the Samsung quickly converted to TVs smaller.

Samsung also perform a preview of some of the other TVs that the company will be issued this year, including television QLED powered technology ” 8K AI Technology ” which is working on intelligent image processing, through noise reduction and sharpness “. This will be televisions available globally, but it will come first to South Korea and the United States of America in the second half of this year.

You can also require integration with digital assistant Bixby and SmartThings in Samsung TVs, which will reach the market this year. The other feature that will be available is the Universal Guide, and will serve as a recommendation service for television and other other content.


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