Samsung to cut production due to poor sales. Inferior to the leadership of Huawei?

Revenue of mobile units Samsung fell 34 per cent because not too good sales Galaxy S9. Was recently presented the Galaxy Note 9, and he is also not too attractive to potential buyers. For this reason, it is reported that Samsung will be forced to close one of its production factories in China.

Reuters reports that Samsung may discontinue the production of smartphones in Tianjin Samsung Telecom Technology. This factory produces annually 36 million devices. A second Chinese factory, Samsung produces 72 million smartphones. This means that Samsung plans to cut production by almost a third.

Samsung said that no final decisions have been made, but acknowledged that the current position in the smartphone market requires solutions aimed at improving production efficiency. We will not forget that the share of Samsung smartphones in China fell dramatically in recent times. Five years ago it was 20 percent. Today only 1 percent.

Probably, Samsung will focus on other emerging markets. Most importantly, it did not come on the heels of Huawei, which is planning in the near future to deprive the South Korean giant’s global leadership in the smartphone market.

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