Samsung to date with the series Galaxy A 2020 on December 12 of the current

On a date during the coming days and in 12 of the current month, specifically on a date with Samsung and its about the first phones of series Galaxy Galaxy A 2020.

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Why is the reference to the identity of this phone or the phones of this series of sperm released but leaks that Ragnar during the financial period talked on the phone A51, 71 and 91 of the Galaxy which is the upgraded version of our ancestors A50 and A70 and A90 where was the phone A50 the lion’s share in the phone market since the announcement about the beginning of this year to 2019.

It seems that Samsung turned to these people and may actually find that the announcement of the phone A51 as the first phone of this series is the special part 2020.
Mag about the materials mentioned presentation included a picture of the phone on an announcement, where appeared the image of the phone’s full screen is considered a hole for the front camera in the middle of the image again includes the form of the rear camera allografts not used to it.

Talking about the processor Snapdragon 855 from Qualcomm for the phone on an announcement, and 8 GB of RAM may be battery with a capacity of 4500 Ma to support the charging speed up to 45 watts.


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