Samsung to push the update first software phones Galaxy Note 10

Samsung has started pushing the update to the first software versions of the new Galaxy Note 10 Galaxy Note 10 Plus getting ready to launch the phones in markets in 23 of August.

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Apply the Galaxy Note 10 Galaxy Note 10 Plus to the market in 23 of August, and today started the Korean giant in the payment update for software phones with some improvements that work to enhance the efficiency of the configurations of the phones.

And monitoring update Galaxy Note 10 Galaxy Note 10 Plus via SamMobile, where he is scheduled to arrive in the beginning to the European market, and Indian, and then gradually in other markets in conjunction with the launch of the phones in these markets.

Also this update is available issue No. N97*FXXU1ASH5, comes improvements in the technique of sensing the fingerprint on the screen, with the promotion of efficiency standards and a touch in the screen, with some improvements in the stability camera, and also the quality and clarity of sound.

It also includes this update software protection and safety provided by the Google in August, that comes this update size 310 MB, so you can make sure to install the new update when you buy one of the versions of Samsung phones Galaxy Note 10 or Galaxy Note 10 Plus.


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