Samsung to reveal smart speaker Samsung Galaxy Home, this year will be


Samsung today at an event that revealed about the the Galaxy Note 9 to disclose more details about smart speaker. Initially, the company said Samsung is that the smart speaker new own will The name of Samsung Galaxy Home, will advance with the second version of the digital assistant Bixby.

Samsung developing smart speaker Samsung Galaxy Home to compete with smart speakers available in the market today, including the Amazon Echo and Google Home. Thanks to technology AKG used in the loudspeaker of the smartphone, it is appropriate to listen to music, not only to communicate with a digital assistant similar to Amazon Echo Dot or the Google Home Mini.

And speaking of that, has Samsung announced a partnership with Spotify, which will become the service of musical virtual in speaker smartphone Samsung Galaxy Home. Apart from that, the speaker of the smartphone will have 8 microphones huge long-term giving for Samsung Galaxy Home to listen to you from a distance will be able to hear it also. Will feature called SoundSteer to route the audio to you so you get a high voice without having to raise the volume.


Intelligence in speaker smartphone Samsung Galaxy Home comes from the digital assistant Bixby, thanks to the integration with SmartThings, he would be able to run turn off the lights and smart home devices are compatible. Generally, this information is preliminary only, and will reveal more at the conference Samsung’s annual developers SDC 2018 to be held in the month of November next.

There is no information about price or launch date is currently. Likely to be price close to $ 350 dollars, which is the amount the company is asking Apple vs Apple HomePod with the knowledge that the speaker is smart current Samsung VL350 cost $ 250.

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