Samsung told about the memory GDDR6, which is used in the new Nvidia

As I think you noticed, new professional Nvidia graphics cards use memory GDDR6. There, she operates at a frequency of 14 GHz, and its volume at the top-end card Quadro RTX reaches 8000 crazy 48 GB.

Produces this memory Samsung, which has devoted a separate press release. To place new cards is such a huge amount of memory allowed by the fact that GDDR6 chips made by Samsung have a large density of 16 GB. Put simply, the volume of one chip is 2 GB. It is twice more than in the case of previously used chips GDDR5. If the density is not increased, such an incredible amount of memory the new cards we would not have seen.

Samsung also notes that the memory bandwidth is 14 GB/s per line, giving a total of 56 GB/s per chip. And is 75% larger than standard chips of GDDR5 with a bandwidth of 8 GB/s. And the new chips consume 35% less energy that must bad impact on the overall consumption of new graphics cards. To achieve this goal by reducing the voltage from 1.55 to 1.35 V.

Game the Nvidia new generation, apparently, will also receive a memory GDDR6, except not in such great volumes.

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