Samsung trademark registration Galaxy Note 9


Follow the smart phone market and technology lovers know well the strategy of Samsung’s Korean, and based on the launch of the phone lead in the first half of the year category of the Galaxy S, and another from the category of Galaxy Note In the second half. This option strategy provides for Samsung a full year of competitive on a technical level, and sync the latest technological developments constantly.

Samsung has registered the trademark Galaxy Note 9, and there is no doubt that this phone will be released as usual later this year. Rumors suggest the advent of the phone design is similar to what is present in Galaxy devices S9, and this means that the phone probably won’t contains reader fingerprint built-in screen. Supposed to come device size 6.3 inch, with improvements happening on the screen in brightness, and definitely will put the phone chip Snapdragon 845 or Exynos 9810.

In addition, it is supposed that the phone comes with 6 GB of RAM, and has dual camera.

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