Samsung trading Apple with ads charming!

Samsung has launched several promotional videos for galaxy s-9, in these ads don’t know Apple’s characteristic of her phone, but its making fun of Apple and the team support and maintenance within the stores, and the harness is clear of the iPhone, by focusing on its shortcomings as you see them, and Galaxy S 9 as a better alternative. This propaganda campaign carried the name of the Ingenius any “not smart” and advise you to in the end purchase the Galaxy, the s-9 specific!

سامسونج تداعب آبل بموجة من الإعلانات الساخرة!

Samsung trading Apple with ads charming!

Samsung: the iPhone does not support external memory!

In this video trailer mocked Samsung of not having a separate memory external microSD in phones, the iPhone, where we see the lady wondering where that house ferry by staff, which reflected his Apple TV it is always “not smart”, and that there’s no and it can keep its files on the cloud An the cloud or buy a greater storage capacity than it seems no solution is not appropriate.

Samsung: Note The design is not suitable!

In this video, a dialogue between a man and a recollection of the extrusion of the upper “notes” in iPhone X and it has convinced part of the screen while watching a movie and trying to posture to convince him and tells him he will believe it, and in the end wraps up the video with a whimper employee of Apple himself from the family married the store always and they have hair-like notes.

Samsung: the iPhone does not contain a property split-screen!

In this video wonder lady about having a split screen in the iPhone, and is a feature that allows using two apps simultaneously on the screen, but doesn’t seem aware of it. At the end of the video, it seems to position his admiration for the manicure the lady that tell her she can paint more than the color at once while you can’t use more than one application on the iPhone at the same time!

Samsung: Internet connection speed slow on the iPhone!

In this video we see a lady say to the employee that the speed of the internet connection slow in iPhone X, but his answer that it is faster than the iPhone 8, they suspect that the galaxy s-9 the fastest to contact Phoebe and doesn’t want. This video suggest Samsung to connection speed over cellular networks LTE the fastest and phones Galaxy S 9 due to the presence of modem Qualcomm as compared to the cell phones of the iPhone that depends a lot on the modem Intel the slowest.

Samsung: where is the headphone port in my iPhone?

In this video the wonder about its ability to use conventional headphones with the iPhone since there is no outlet not, then his position that we should use a dedicated cable to it then connect it to the charging port, ferry to it, what if I want to use headphones and charging at the same time?!

Samsung: camera on Galaxy S 9 is better than iPhone X

In this video wants the employee to convince somebody that the camera of the iPhone is a great ferry you have to camera on Galaxy S 9 better because you see the results choose a company DXO Mark that acknowledge the test camera of smart phones and the opinion that the galaxy s-9 record as the top result, ferry position is strange that he does not believe these results, but his trust in Apple, indicating the company logo on his shirt!

Do you see Samsung on the right in this propaganda campaign charming of Apple and the iPhone?

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