Samsung turn on her Smart Phone the source for games to rival the likes of Asus ROG Phone

galaxy S9

Samsung is a leading company in the market of smart phones globally are often at the forefront of companies that embrace the latest trends in the market. And even when you do not be the case, the police will be quick in joining the knee to counteract what the competition’s doing it. Given that some of its competitors they were launching smart phone designed for gaming, it has emerged this week, rumor of the new China to say that Samsung is already now developing the smart phone gaming will get its brand.

Phones current flagship of Samsung like the Galaxy S9 is already capable of running some of the most powerful gaming laptops that you’ll find it on the Google Play Store, but smartphone gaming is taking it.

Take the phone to Asus ROG Phone from Asus for example. This phone features the same processor Snapdragon 845 user in the Galaxy S9 but it offers faster performance in phone Asus. It also features AMOLED screen accurately +FullHD enjoy an update reaches 90Hz in response to the Quick of up to 1ms. Moreover, it includes three USB ports-C in addition to a battery with a capacity of 4000mAh. In fact, I have Asus also provide this phone cooling system a whole new smart phones.

Unfortunately, this is most of the information that we have currently on the phone Samsung source games. There is no additional information now available about the specifications of the technical and how the company can differentiate it from the likes of Asus ROG Phone and Razer Phone and Xiaomi BlackShark and ZTE Nubia Red Magic.



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