Samsung TVs for the year 2019 would add a feature that allows running the controllers such as keyboard

تلفزيونات سامسونج لعام 2019 ستضيف ميزة تسمح بتشغيل وحدات تحكم مثل لوحة المفاتيح - Remote Access

Announced the Samsung that the TV special made for the year 2019 you’ll get the advantage of Remote Access, which allows giving more control features for smart TV produced by the company, so it’s easy to control the management of content through application and smart at the same time to facilitate linked wirelessly with computers, tablets, phones, and even cloud services.

According to what the company published, then users can connect controllers such as a keyboard or a mouse with television sets to contribute in the use of applications and control, as you will be able to run your own content for their device, various on-screen allowing to show content on larger screens.

Apparently, that water will be providing a work environment or a different display to the public, so that they can work on Office applications or play games and control across the screen directly without having to connect it in a traditional way and use the screen just for show, where they will be available for viewing and thanks to Remote Access.

Will be a new feature from Samsung is available to all users in the world soon, as it will appear on the screens 2019, in general and in all parts of the world, but it seems not very clear the way it works so far, except that the topic suggests it’s extension to assess the DeX provided by with the Korean company with its phones to convert them for a desktop. So we have to wait until the beginning of the year to make sure way to work the new water fully.

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