Samsung unveils a 3D version of the screen of the Cinema LED giant

This topic Samsung unveils a 3D version of the screen of the Cinema LED the giant appeared on Engadget.

After Samsung unveiled almost a year ago on screen by a giant, specially designed for movie theaters “Cinema LED” which amounted to more than 400 inches.

Now come the police to detect the three-dimensional textile of this screen, with the assertion that this screen will be the image of more powerful and high-quality with reduce the symptoms of feeling dizzy or a headache suffered by many of watch my 3D movies on cinema screens traditional.

Samsung says that usually when we watch movies 3D in cinema halls, the file notes that the quality of the colors will be bad with a dramatic reduction in the level of brightness, where it appears as if the user is wearing sunglasses during the viewing of the severity of the opacity.

Samsung said in a statement that the new screen will come with the same specifications of the screen of the original Cinema LED, thanks to the LED technology for lighting which is provided to the screen, the screen have the ability to provide the levels of high brightness is approximately equal to 10 times the tea of the traditional film, so that viewers can enjoy with the Clear Vision while wearing the glasses three-dimensional.

Furthermore the company said it’s developed a new algorithm to cancel one of the factors that affect viewers dizzy or headache during viewing and makes the screen appear blurred. This technique works to get rid of overlapping scenes between what the left eye and right eye so that viewers can see clearly without dizziness or headache. As a screen provides the least amount of distortion in the vision whatever the angle of vision of the viewer in the law both of the parties or in the middle.


This topic Samsung unveils a 3D version of the screen of the Cinema LED the giant appeared on Engadget.

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