Samsung unveils a TV Sero design my head editable price of $ 1600

Revealed the Korean giant about a range of new TVs which comes from your Sero which features a design of funky which join the group The Frame.

Samsung ‘The Sero

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Samsung Group launched The Frame of the TV for the first time in 2017, where the feature of this series design features the framework is trying to color that chime with the decor of a modern home, also come in this category of devices pattern supports the display of paintings on the screen in standby mode.

Today, Samsung offers the second generation of devices to The Frame with two new models that deliver a sophisticated vision for the design of TVs, which skips the design of the painting to give users new technique also to the design complies with a lot of the tastes of the users.

Comes the first model of the Samsung design head of the company supports the display of portrait in the video to comply with video clips Snapchat, for example, also supports the stories of the insert featured also, where the device displays the new بThe Sero, it also comes with a direct display of the phone and reverse phone screen featured games, where you can kill all of the phone’s screen and the TV through NFC technology.

Featuring a screen size of 43 inch where support display of games and video content from apps to social media, can also be this design in the screen to support display of web pages featured better efficiency particularly for pages that feature the display of my head.

Also features a Sero design editable to users also feature a horizontal display traditional favorite of many users, the device supports 4.1-channel, with speakers built the capacity of 60W, so it can support the user also in the feature to broadcast music wirelessly via your phone or music apps on the internet, and also supports screen assistant Bixby to receive voice commands.

Also comes your Sero to the same specification as the series The Frame, where the works on display paintings and pictures in the standby mode, and Display widget with information and details more on the screen interface, where the device is available for sale in Korea during the month of May that applies at a price of $ 1600.

Recall that Samsung also made the device Serif, which was designed in collaboration with Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, and features a screen QLED in different sizes ranging from 43, 49, and 55 inches.


I know of

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