Samsung unveils chip in the screen of the 8K will cover about the availability of dialogue in which

Samsung revealed about the chip show “e-IC” of the Clover image 8K real-to-display boards, screens and 8K high performance and superior clarity, within a bandwidth of 4 GB per second, where lies the advantage of incorporating this technique in the abandonment of dialogue that contain electronic parts designed to improve the sound and scope of the show, which means get the interface cable is complete.

This is considered a important point in the case of screens 8K being a need to four times the electronics anti-edges to increase the frequency of the display range in order to get the accuracy, 8K, level Samsung this chip to earn a larger area of the interface with an increase in precision to avoid that companies that have already announced TVs operate this high accuracy Xun for example; at the same time with the development of where one body of Japan and broadcast on the processing techniques of 8K to broadcast the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020.

And your true role to be played by this chip, we can imagine a TV, a very high accuracy non-existent dialogue makes you feel you’re watching through a glass pane or similar to follow you for a specific event through the window of your home.

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