Samsung unveils chip new power management supports fast charging of up to 100W


Still our smart phones these days don’t give us necessarily the battery life that we desire. However, what I did most of the smartphone manufacturers is to embed the fast charging technology in its smart phones, which allows us to recharge our smartphones at a faster rate in the hope that this will lead to compensate for the lack of battery life. The majority of the solutions for the Fast shipping available today is very fast, but you can be faster?

Sure to Samsung think about it, where it announced the chip new power management for smart phone USB Type-C with the knowledge that this new chip supports the fast charging rate of up to 100W. According to the deputy head of the Department of System LSI at Samsung, Mr. Ben K. Hur, it was announced by saying : ” in addition to the features of the smart batteries of large size, allows us freight solutions innovative to do more on our mobile devices today. According to this direction, the power adapters that can charge your devices quickly during the adoption of preventive measures against unauthorized access, is becoming required increasingly “.

In addition to supporting the Fast shipping, it’s a new chip power management will also be symmetric encryption algorithm to help protect your data. It also comes with the ability to sense moisture and to ensure the conditions of safe shipment. Now, with support for fast charging at a rate of 100W, it means that the use of these chips will not be limited to smartphones only, but will be used also in other devices that require more power, such as tablet devices and laptops, and companies.

However, it should be noted that Samsung is not the first company to offer a solution that allows the shipment of smart phones at a rate of 100W, the Xiaomi company two months ago or so detects a similar solution, but we’re wondering how will the effect of all these forces and on the general health of the battery on the smartphone.


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