Samsung unveils first modem 5G custom smartphones in the world

Samsung today announced the Exynos 5100 which I think his company is the first modem 5G in the world dedicated to smart phones and supports the standards of 3GPP, which adopts the latest standards connect to 5G.

I mentioned Samsung in its statement that the new factory by 10 Nano meters supports to connect to the old is also currently deployed, such as GSM 2/CDMA and 3G WCDMA and TD-SCDMA and HSPA plus 4G LTE .

According to Samsung the new season supports download speeds of up to 6Gbps with 5G networks this means that uses the best of the Internet of things and artificial intelligence techniques and video quality, etc.

Samsung reported that it will begin in providing this season in commercial quantities year-end 2018.


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