Samsung unveils first screen games with G-Sync from NVIDIA

Revealed the Korean giant screen games CRG5 possible to design curved her an inch, which offers for the first time from Samsung with technology NVIDIA G-Sync is priced at $ 400.

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Samsung made the latest idea from the tea custom games CRG5 that come to the design curve size 27 inch wheels, which use a technology FreeSync from AMD to implement this year with G-Sync from Nvidia, and to conform more closely with the PC desktop possible by screen Nvidia.

Come screen CRG5 today from Samsung with the highest refresh rate up to 240Hz, to support the user the best viewing experience and well-proportioned of the games, supported by Sure card screen GeForce in PCs, and also features a screen to jump into an quick 4ms.

Supports screen CRG5 display resolution of 1080 pixels, with a 3000:1 contrast, also include screen traditional outlets almost with 2 connectors, HDMI, and DisplayPort, along with a USB port-A, is scheduled to begin shipping the screen during the month of July, where they apply at the price of $ 400.


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