Samsung unveils Galaxy S10+ Olympic Games Edition

Samsung Galaxy S10+

It was the company Samsung, the main sponsor of the Olympic Games since 1998, and has a deal to take care of the Olympic Games until the year 2028. The company has South Korean tradition is to release a special version of its phone flagship later during each cycle of the Olympic Games.

This year, the company decided to the Samsung launch version of the Olympic Games of phone +Galaxy S10. Women’s white crystal phone +Galaxy S10 I got the logo of the Olympic Games to be held in the Japanese capital Tokyo in the year 2020 in the interface by the background along with the logo of the phone company Japanese NTT DoCoMo. Moreover, this is their version of the phone +Galaxy S10 also comes with headphones Galaxy Buds special.

Take into account that it will create 10 thousand units only phone Galaxy S10+ Olympic Games Edition as of late July. NTT DoCoMo is the exclusive partner in Japan and 1000$ for every unit of Galaxy S10+ Olympic Games Edition. And yet, it remains unclear whether this special edition phone +Galaxy S10 will be available outside of Japan, but there’s a big chance that doesn’t happen.

By the way, Samsung will also special content linked to the Olympic Games. In the past, the company launched special applications and broadcast some sporting events in virtual reality. In the case if you’re curious, here’s a quick selection of Samsung phones prior that I got the releases Special Olympic : Galaxy Note 2012, Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy Note 8.


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