Samsung unveils her new Galaxy Galaxy A80.. amazing design and new camera!

Samsung Samsung the latest smart phones, Galaxy Galaxy A80, which of the phones that compete within a category average for smartphones.

He drew the phone Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy A80, which is incredible after almost two months of detecting phones Galaxy Galaxy S10, the system because of the amazing design of the mechanism to open the camera, then the camera in the Galaxy A80 one, i.e. that the same camera works as a camera front and rear at the same time.

In order to do that, the Samsung work part slide behind the phone, has a camera, and in normal position to close this part of the slider, the camera works as a camera background, while when you raise the slider, rotates the camera around its axis to become the front camera!

According to Samsung, the screen of her new phone is 6.7 inches, type super for Super Amoled, it will support the phone charging very fast super-fast, and it is estimated that the phone market at the end of May.

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