Samsung unveils her watch Galaxy Watch Active 2 is supported with the ECG

Galaxy Watch Active 2 is the new version of Samsung smart watches design is similar to its predecessors; but the more the price is relatively higher

سامسونج تكشف عن ساعتها Galaxy Watch Active 2 مدعمة بخاصية ECG

Revealed Samsung officially revealed today the version of its smart updated Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, a difference of only two days from the date of detection of Galaxy Note 10, and after 6 months of its launch the previous version of the Galaxy Watch Active last February.

In terms of form and attributes of External in the Watch Active 2 is similar to its predecessors in terms of lightness of weight, Fish and the overall design, in a modified Samsung it returns the frame attribute of the rotor, but digitally this time to control it via touch.

Where she had used it in the previous version, be black frame surrounding one of the current version of the former additional means to the user; allow it to scroll on the screen and move to the main menu and between their contents in a similar framework to traditional.

In comes the new arena by two in two different sizes, namely 40 and 44 mm with Bluetooth 0.5 or technology LTE connectivity in addition to GPS.

It is important to mention here is to increase Samsung’s ability to compete with the ability of electrocardiogram ECG, they noted that the property will not be effective at the time of launch.

Speaking of the system of the general problem you have former it is based on the system Tizan user in all versions of the company’s previous smart watches, where it corresponds to the phones operating system Andorid and iPhone.

Among the new features provided by Samsung in the hour of her property to ” My Style”, which is a feature that helps the user to coordinate the color of the clock face with the clothes that reside to keep the appearance of the World compatible with it.

Where the property in accordance with your phone by capturing the user’s image to himself and then says previous allocation of a suitable interface for the confusion over this feature.

Supports Galaxy Watch Active 2 work mode without internet connection “Offline” to synchronize the list of tracks via Spotify, as you can view clips and videos from YouTube.

Price awareness in the market

The company added that H would be available in the markets beginning from September 27 next; the start price of $ 279 to rise according to host size.

In this specification and the right price will be the previous competition good in the market especially for the larger Apple Watch Series 4.



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