Samsung unveils her watch Galaxy Watch the brand new

سامسونج تكشف عن ساعتها Galaxy Watch التي علامة تجارية جديدة

Samsung announced today in its own detects the phone Galaxy Note 9, hours Galaxy Watch which tire brand is different as the new generation of their clocks smart.

And former New LTE modems that helps them connect individually and fast internet, also contain a feature thing wireless with card its new and large, which the company says it will continue for days after a single charge.

And comes with a screen for like a lot like those phones, the Samsung smartphone, as it contains glass to protect Gorilla Glass DX+, next to the water resistant feature which helps users to swim an hour without any problems.

On the other hand, the former offers several advantages for the health of the user, where they provide a sensitive measure heart rate measure heart rate for each action performed by the user in his daily life, and then, when any acceleration in the heart rate status is abnormal while doing one activity, the former will tell the user to do so to avoid any heart problems. And of course, they like other watches and wearable devices recording the rate of activity and fitness on a daily basis.

With regard to the appearance of the former, it seems better than the previous version for hours of the company’s classic design, as the company had used such a design to copy private and not in all women, but it is now considered as the best design to sell its watches.

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