Samsung unveils new chip for security designed for smart phones


Smartphones of the company Samsung sold everywhere around the world and are used by hundreds of millions of users who are working in different sectors, and therefore it is natural that the work of the South Korean company over the years to strengthen security in its mobile protect the privacy of users and maintain its brand in the market.

In line with this endeavour, the company Samsung unveiled today a new chip for smartphones called EAL 6+ certified-SE, and it comes with a special program. The chip is designed this safety to provide protection for a range of tasks, including booting the system, storage, insulated and payment processes, etc. of other tasks.

As you can expect, it is supposed to start Samsung using CHIP this new security in its smart phones of the future, but it is still not clear whether the company will use this chip for the first time in the series phones Galaxy Note 20 Series coming in the second half of this year or not.



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