Samsung unveils new model of tablets SSD storage space of up to 4 terabytes

سامسونج تكشف عن نموذج جديد من أقراص تخزين SSD بمساحة تصل 4 تيرا بايت

Samsung revealed about the tablet storage SSD) 860 QVO) new with space for storage up to 4 terabytes, where this species is very suitable for the uses of the computer and people who need space storage to do their business case and even in 4K videos and games Heavy-Duty, high-quality, and at the same time no longer these units are high-priced as the other volumes if we look to its area efficiency.

The company promised to have the production line to the new SSD with the power of the performance of the high efficient two in addition to the price of a competitor, and Samsung units by the new report of a 4-bit (MLC) architecture multi-level cell sizes 2.4-inch incompatible with most computers, phone and laptops, and reading speed in 860 QVO to 550 mbira Beata in a second and write speed 520 MB per second speed is not the highest among the Samsung products, they are a series 860 Pro is faster but the price of 1 Terra byte 300$ while the 860 QVO 1 TB is priced at$150.

Will be discs available in the market by the mid of next month and can be obtained through Samsung or the retailer partner will come all of the copy in different capacities voucher limited warranty for a period of three years.

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